Why Opt for Residential Plots with Amenities?

merusri gated community plot

Amenities are no longer luxuries. They have become a way of life. People are moving towards gated community projects for not only security reasons, but for amenities too. These have become a lifestyle yardstick and definitely add to the convenience factor. It is for this reason that more and more gated community plots are being […]

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Plot Loans Guide For Villa Projects In Bangalore


Making your own home is everyone’s dream. Well, some fulfill it with an apartment, others prefer buying a land and constructing their home their way. The freedom of getting your house constructed as per your requirement and specifications is the biggest advantage of buying a plot in Bangalore India. In an apartment, everything is done […]

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5 Security Features to Check When Buying a Property


There is an old English proverb, “Prevention is better than cure”. This makes it essential that you look for things beyond the construction when you plan to buy a property in Bangalore. You can change the paint, have the wardrobes and kitchen done to your fancy, but change the security may not be an option, […]

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