5 Ways to Bring Zen to Your Villa in Bangalore


In an era marred by stress and fast-paced living, bringing Zen to your home is becoming essential. It is a peaceful, calm and soothing ambience at home, which can do wonders for your energy levels after a hard day at work. It is for this reason that the Zen principle is being increasingly aligned with interior d├ęcor tips and becoming popular the world over. Zen is a Japanese word, which means meditation. In interior design, it reflects relaxation and harmony. But, how to bring Zen to your home. Below are some simple and easy tips using which you can have Zen style house design.

1. De-Clutter & Organize:

Zen is considered synonymous with minimalism and simplicity. So, the first thing you need to do to is start de-cluttering and organizing. You should remove all the extras from each room and organize your home to perfection. The table tops, shelves, and beds should be kept clean all the time. Even the kitchen countertops should be well-maintained and kept spick and span. By de-cluttering, you can feel a change in the energy levels in your villa in Devanahalli Bangalore.


2. Infuse Pastel Colours:

It is essential to bring pastels to play to have that calming ambience in your villa plot in Devanahalli Bangalore. Whether it is the room bedding or curtains, try to add more pastels to your collection. If you are getting the house painted, then add color in one wall or two, but otherwise, refrain and restrict to pastels. By infusing pastels, you immediately add a soft and light feel to a place. And even when it comes to adding bright colors, try to add warm yellow or green, which reflects growth or prosperous red. But, add color using a cushion or chair or one wall, which works like an accent piece in the room.

3. Bring the Greens Inside:

Another easy way of infusing Zen inside your home is by bringing the greens inside. They create that palliative environment and purify the air inside your home. So, instead of going for flower, go for air purifying green plants in your residential projects in Devanahalli Bangalore, which are easy to maintain and do not release disturbing scents.


4. Let Natural Light Flow:

As far as possible, ensure the flow of natural light in your home. If your room, has a big window, then draw open the curtains for the most part of the day and let natural light flow into your home to achieve that Zen style house design. Even at dusk, try to go for an interplay of indirect light. A floor lamp, candles in a corner, or wall mounted reading lights can be just ideal for that calming and relaxing space.

5. Aromatic Ambience:

The room aroma has a lot of influence on the ambience. So, try to bring natural and fresh scents to play for that soothing and comforting ambience in keeping with Zen design principle. But, whether you opt for that fragrant candle or scent, go for a soft and light smell one.

With the above means, you can have a Zen villa with ease and have the perfect calming ambience. After all, your home is truly special and you need to make it a peace haven for yourself and your family. If you are looking for a home amidst green and open setting, then view Merusri Developers, plots for sale in Devanahalli Bangalore.


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