Apartments vs Plots: Why do plots win?

Plots or apartments? Apartments or villas? Gated communities? There are so many questions people have when looking to invest in a home. But the fact is that it all boils down to budget and location. Although ready-to-move-in apartments or flats sound like an easier choice for investors and home buyers, it isn’t the best or the smartest choice in the current real estate market. Plots win over apartments for many reasons. Plots are ideal for those people who look for long-term investments and the people who cherish the idea of building their own home in the way they want it.

In these rather trying times, having an investment like a plot puts people at ease. Knowing that you have an asset that is bound to grow is like money in the bank. For any emergency, you know a piece of land is the surety of peace of mind.

Here are a few reasons why plots are always considered as a better option than apartments

  • Convenience
    Gated communities by trusted builders are convenient and they come with a lot of facilities too. A homebuyer can build a house of their choice and enjoy the privacy offered by the homes in these gated communities. The buyers can build a home whenever they want once they have the plot. Plots are also easier to maintain and have good resale value when compared with apartments.
  • Investment
    Land is a tangible asset and undoubtedly it has higher appreciation potential.  The plot value is expected to appreciate while the building value depreciates in years. A plot is the best form of long-term investment. Plots also ensure liquidity as the land value increases with time.
  • Freedom and privacy
    Villa plots offer a luxury that no other investment class can offer. Privacy and freedom. Even the most lavish of apartments are unable to offer the level of privacy that a villa can.
  • Cost
    Plots are far more affordable than apartments. Even the most expensive apartments can never compare to plots, as plotted developments appreciate over a period of time. Apart from that, the initial investment on plots is a little high but there are no additional payments like maintenance, water and electricity bills, security etc.
  • Freedom of design
    A plot can be converted into anything of your choice. Do you want a home with a balcony or an inner courtyard? Do you want some space to set up a kitchen garden? Or are you looking forward to having a spacious bedroom with an attached bathroom? The plots can be creatively designed with budget-friendly choices. On the other hand, the freedom of modification and expansion is limited in case of apartments.

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