Go Green – Bring the Outdoors Indoors in Your Residential Villa Plots in Bangalore


One thing urban dwellers miss the most is living close to nature. Surrounded by buildings and high rises, waking up to fresh, green view is almost a miss in every city. But, other than being a soothing, treat for the eyes, greenery benefits you with clean and pure air. So, bringing the greens, indoor and outdoor in your residential villa plots in Devanahalli Bangalore has become more of a necessity than the luxury. Here are some means, which can come to your aid in giving you a green, a serene ambience at home.


1. A Green Wall:

In most villas, you see a sprawling, horizontal garden, but something that can give a different look to your home is a vertical garden. Yes, choose any wall of the house and set a vertical garden. Wall-mounted, you can add herbs, succulents, and flowers in this garden wall and have a garden-fresh, flowery touch to the walls. You can try this to the tall, living room wall and give your home walls a green twist. There are various ready made vertical garden kits available these days and you can have a beautiful garden on your property in Bangalore India, with ease.

2. Potted Plants in Every Room:

With the poor pollution levels marring every big city, spreading air purifying succulents throughout your home will definitely do wonders for the air quality level. No, don’t give your home a forest feel, rather beautifully design a layout with big and small pots and have a perfectly designed, green home. You can get innovative with the layout and choice of plants to add a deep, green calm in your residential plot in Devanahalli Bangalore.

3. Glass Containers & Vases – Go for Terrariums:

Along with pots, you can have terrariums as part of the go green project. These are glass vases and containers, and you can layer them with pebbles, soil and grow different plants in them. Hang them in a cluster with a mason jar lamp and design any small corner of your home in a unique and beautiful manner. You can also put them in a corner or console table in your bedroom to add a little, green corner.

4. Kitchen Garden:

The advantage of living in a villa is that you have more space to yourself, so have a kitchen garden when you buy land in Bangalore to make your home. You can grow all your favourite, seasonal veggies there and enjoy a green eye candy too. In addition, along with the garden periphery, you can grow mint, basil and more such herbs in small pots. You can also use old, colourful mugs for this purpose and give a complete feel of a kitchen garden.


5. Bring Succulents & Fresheners to Play:

If maintenance of plants concerns you, then opt for indoor succulent plants, which need minimal effort from your side. You can water them once in 2-3 days and have a green and serene ambience. Along with succulents, you can also add some plants, which work as natural room fresheners like Aloe Vera, Lemon Grass, and Anthurium. These plants can clean the air of chemicals, which you use at home and work as Eco-friendly materials.


Give your home an assortment of greens and bring the outdoors indoors with ease. It is the need of the hour too, as it is a natural way of purifying the air and giving your family a healthy life. Along with these indoor greenery means, if you wish to have your nest build in a green outdoor space, then view projects by Merusri developers. Walk amidst lush green setting every morning and bring your kids to play in parks surrounded by air purifying plants in a Merusri township. Building Eco-friendly homes with the innovative landscape are our USP. Come visit a Merusri project today to experience what it is to live close to nature, inside out. You can view our projects online, too.