Presenting Bharathi Enclave, a project that seamlessly blends into the elements of Nature. Sprawled across 9 acres, this eco-friendly community project, complete with smart living features, epitomizes one of Merusris core beliefs that environment is not just a backdrop, but an essential ingredient to building a beautiful home. It really isnt a surprise as to why we were awarded a 4 star rating by CRISIL for this endeavor of ours. Set against the breathtakingly beautiful background of Nandi Hills, flanked on each side by vintage, lush vineyards, this 9 acre project consist of 129 plots and is currently being developed by dedicated experts in the field of construction.

Bharathi Enclave has been granted clearances from relevant authorities like BIAAPA and has been approved by leading banks. With the promise of impeccable title deeds and complete transparency in documentation and transactions, we are confident that this endeavor of ours will give you as much pleasure as it has, to us.

Bharathi Enclave


9.5 Acres







Water Source

Ground Water


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CCTV Surveillance

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our features

The Perfect Ingredients for an Eco friendly layout

  • Landscaped gardens
  • Children’s playgrounds
  • Wide jogging tracks
  • CCTV Surveillance and Round the clock security
  • Underground Electricity
  • Live streaming cameras
  • Playgrounds
  • Power backup for water tank
  • Black Top Roads
  • Underground sewage system
  • Water supply and underground storm water drain
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Solar Power Bank and backup
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Timer based drip irrigation system
  • Separate water treatment and management
  • Smart waste management
  • Club House
  • Gym
  • Swimming pool
  • Open air Amphitheatre
  • Massage Parlours
  • Gardens and Lawns
  • Green parks
  • Aromatherapy
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Communication Network

An underground system of inch pipes will carry a fiber optic to every home. The network is fitted with pull chambers and cross ducts that render the system future proof. If any new technology arises, cables can be run in the pipes without the need to dig up roads.

Sanitary Network

The sanitary network is buried 1.6 meters below ground level, 4 inch diameter pipes leading out of each house are further connected to an STP via 6 and 8 inch pipeline.

Street Lights

The street lights are long lasting, LED based lights from Schreder that are power-saving as well as extremely bright.

Black Top Roads

These roads connects the plot and homes. It makes the transportation smooth and is maintained properly

Storm Drain Network

The entire system is gravity based which is maintenance friendly. Excess rainwater is diverted into a creek within the property which has the capacity to be converted into a rainwater storage system. A highly optimized storm water system with a 50 year design frequency that can effectively handle rainfall is used.

Water Network

The water network is a simple, maintenance-free, gravity-flow system that is expensive to maintain and prone to failure. An over head tank with ample capacity is camouflaged into the main clubhouse building. This gravity-flow system will provide water to every site in the community.

Electrical System

4 transformer yards provide a minimum capacity of 4 KVA to each site. These ground transformers, as compared to pole transformers are aesthetic and unobtrusive. Feeder pillars camouflaged with landscaping further distribute power to each site, enabling an obstruction-free environment void of any webs of wires and bulky eyesores.


Every inlet has a grate that blocks large objects like cans and bottles from entering the drain. During the downpour, water along with any debris will fall into the chamber which has a rainwater harvesting pit. Water will rise and enter the pipe, leaving the debris behind. The remaining water in the chamber will percolate into the earth.

Pedestrian infrastructure

Specially-abled ramps connect the pavement to the road which helps kids on skates, mothers with Prams and specially-abled residents just to slide on with ease. A dedicated paved pathway is separated from the road by a green strip that acts as a buffer between pedestrians and vehicles on which a sustained note, permits water to percolate into the ground



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